Re-defining Project Scope

Mar 27, 2012 at 3:20 AM

Hello Tech Guys/Experts,

I believe you guys are really putting some great efforts developing this Open Source E-Commerce website over here. I hope there must be some documentation being tracked while developing and improving this E-Commerce System, however if there is nothing being used I would like to bring up some ideas.

Previous Scope and Existing Functionality
I been through the coding and some other stuffs of this project and I realized that we need a proper documentation for the project which describes the existing functionality. If someone who has been working around this project for long time can spend some times preparing this document than it would be really a great help for the other developers. If we have this document we can get the idea about the project's existing functionality.

Revised Product Scope and New Functionality (To Do List for the project)
Once we are done with the existing functionality listing and previous project scope we can than move forward and all the developers involved in the development process of this project can suggest functionality can be included in the project. Thus we can make this Open Source system much better and can make it more useful. I understand to create the Project Scope and defining the Functional and Nonfunctional requirement for the project is not that easy task but its Really Necessary.

If we have to do list other developers can take initiative and start developing other modules with mutual understanding.

Even though the team is small at the initial stage if we can divide portions/modules/functionality on developer basis (their knowledge and experience) than we can bring up this project to some extra ordinary level. So as an example if one of the team member who is more experienced on the managing website security than that particular team member can take initiative and handles all the project execution and other programming level security related things. Same if somebody is great at providing interactive interfaces than he/she can take initiative of that particular portion. I know at this stage of the project we can not divide the work but we can at least try to manage the project progress by dividing the work between us (team members).

There are a lot many things we can bring up and represent our idea and implement it on the project.

Cheers Mates - Lets Rock !!!!!



Mar 27, 2012 at 4:49 PM
Edited Mar 27, 2012 at 4:51 PM

I've been working on this project and it's predecessor (dashCommerce) for some years (I guess since 2007 ?). The guy who led dashCommerce project (Chris Cyvas) put a lot of effort on documenting his project. But in december 2010 he made an ugly move by trying to get the project on his own completely.

Update: The split was in december 2009...

Mar 28, 2012 at 3:17 AM


I am happy that a senior person like you is there in the team and has been working on this project for long enough time. I was wondering if you can prepare some documentation and provide the scope of the project and what else better we can do on this project. I believe you must be having deep knowledge and information about this system.

I got more interest in this system while I was looking for some open source (MIT) E-Commerce project to use for one of my freelancing client and I found dashCommerce to be very interesting. I got more and more interested in this system but at last I ended up with lack of knowledge about how some of the E-commerce/Product level functionality operated from the Admin Side. And than I decided to develop that portion by my own and than again I realized its not a small system it would take enough time to understand and start working and developing more on dashCommerce.

So you know now I am looking for some documentation from which we can know the exact existing functionality of dashCommerce and then we can decide what better we can do on the Existing functionality and what new we can add into it.

Please advise if you can provide some documentation or if you can write documentation for this project.

We appreciate your presence on the project to guide a newbie like me :)